Thursday, 30 March 2017

Visit to Glenbrae Kids

On Tuesday 28 March my class went to Glenbrae Kids to visit. When we arrived we had to sit on the mat and wait for the little children to come to the mat.

Glenbrae Kids is a very busy place with heaps of kids. Some are babies and some are bigger. First we sang a greeting song to the kids called Toro Mai. Then we had to pick a partner to play with.

My partner was my brother Lorenzo. He is three years old. With Lorenzo, we played in the park then we went inside and painted with the other children.

When it was time to go, we all went back to the mat and returned our partners to their teacher. When we left I was happy because I played with my brother at his school.


  1. You showed a lot of compassion and nurturing towards your brother. He truly adores you Stanley.

  2. Hi stanley i like how your really having fun when your at glenbrae kids. It's also grate to see you having a good time with you brother.

    Keep up the good learning