Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Getting kaimoana in the holidays

In the holidays I went up north with my father and my friends to get kina and to fish. My day was spent collecting kina and it was fun and also hard.

When you get kina you have to be careful because you use a knife. The kina are stuck to the rocks.

When you eat kina and put it back into the sea, the sea will wash the shell away. It is better to get the big ones because they have a lot of kina eggs. The smaller kina do not have much you can eat. 

My day was enjoyable and I loved spending it at the beach. 

Friday, 29 September 2017

the vote

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The labour part

Election celebration
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The mana party

Election 2017
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National party

People’s party

Animated digitech story  the nz election

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Green party

Internet party
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United future

Nz frist

Act party
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Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Image result for john cenaImage result for john cena finsh
He has all of the belt and has not
Lost in one mash he win in each
Mash he was the first one to go to westmana

John cena finish movie is aa that when he put then on his back and pin then

John cean stated wwe e 1911
He has 2 boys
And he has 3 girls

And wwe came to his life

And he live in  westside

On monday we went to the hall for the
Duffy assembly and i meet niva came to
Our school to read our school a book and it was called  kiss kiss yunk yunk And she   went to samoa and She is one of the   rad reads and and after when she finished reading the book she hand out the books to the class

Friday, 15 September 2017

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

God's dream

Once upon a time where was a tiger and a lion and a god’s son. His names is Jesus and the big guy his name is Hulk . One day Hulk got angry so he destroyed Jesus. God found out
what happened and and it made god cry.  So god sent the lion ,and the big tiger and  he did what god had asked him to do.
At  church   hulk  prayed and said ..
‘Sorry ‘and god accepted his apology.God put Hulk back to normal, and he went back home and the next day he went to church on Sunday, and he got blessed.