Friday, 11 August 2017

WALT - understand technical words

What type of instructions are you reading this week?
It is a recipe
What images could go with the recipe?
French toast
Who is the author of the recipe?
What WORDS could you not understand from the text
Create a pictorial version of the recipe
Image result for milk
What other recipes can you find which you would like to try out. Inset the link in this box.
Why are recipes important?
Because you might not have the right recipes
Who writes recipes?
What feedback would you give to the author of this recipe?
Think of something your family like to cook at home. Can you write a recipe for others to follow?
Insert a video of a person following a recipe
What did you enjoy from your reading activities this week?
How to make french toast
What was challenging in your learning this week?
To blog about what we learn
What would you like to share about the activities?
To my friend

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